Male Seiyuu’s Birthday List


Hi seiyuu fans! Upon request here is a list of male seiyuu birthday’s! I will add a “read more" since the list is pretty long! If anyone would like to add more please message me and I will add it to the list! Thanks! 

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"Don't you want to act, Senpai?"
"Well, we have her, so I like just watching from here."


When you wake up from a bad dream, who is the first person you look for?


Be My Princess - Joshua Lieben [Wedding Sequel] Jpn GREE

「……I will not hand over the time with you to anyone」


「You are not allowed to escape from me anymore」

「Do not sleep tonight, I will make love with you until the morning」

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"It won’t have any effect on the match. But don’t breathe a word of this to Rin.